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What most people prefer in house mates

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What most people prefer in house mates

Results of the One Shared House 2030 survey show that, overall, respondents:

  • Would prefer couples, single women and single men in their community.
  • Prefer to live in the city.
  • Would pay extra for a service layer to manage all house-related items.
  • Want the common areas to be furnished, and furnish their own space themselves.
  • Want house-members from different walks of life.
  • Would prefer set private and communal spaces with clear boundaries of use.
  • Think honesty, being neat and tidy and considerate are the most important qualities in a house member.
  • Are most comfortable sharing internet, a self-sustainable garden and workspaces.
  • Don’t need their own private kitchen and would use the communal kitchen so they can have more flexible private space.
  • Want to ensure their own room is off-limits when they’re not home.
  • Would love a pet in the house.
  • Want new house members to be selected by a consensus vote.
  • Would prefer to pay energy costs based on the amount of energy used by each person.
  • Worry most about the potential lack of privacy.
  • Would settle conflicts by talking privately to that person.
  • Think the two biggest pros of living with other people is having more ways to socialise and splitting costs. 

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