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Top tips to protect your home

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Expert advises installing good perimeter security and talking to your neighbours

Crime in South Africa has
become increasingly daunting, despite an abundance
of security measures and technological advancements.
Making durable perimeter security a priority is invaluable and
will withstand the test of time, says
Charnel Hattingh, Fidelity ADT’s
national marketing and communications manager.

“Staying well-informed also
proves fruitful when it is time
to make the necessary security
As criminals become more
brazen, it is crucial to be well-prepared and aware of what crimes
commonly occur in your area.
“Stay in the loop by conversing
with neighbours and be a part
of local neighbourhood watch
“This will help you gauge the
frequency and nature of any crime
occurring in the area.
“Try to stay abreast of the latest
news and security trends,” Hattingh advises.
Technological developments,
such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems and detection beams, offer
peace of mind and convenience.
Dogs are also a good deterrent
for criminals. However, a strong
focus on perimeter security and
access control is still the first line
of defence and should never be
Hattingh says perimeter security consists of gates, electric fencing and detection devices that are
designed to prevent intruders from
gaining access to the premises or
to raise the alarm if they cross the
outside perimeter boundary.
“These investments do good
work in the face of an imminent
robbery by alerting the property
owners and emergency responders.
“Swift action allows for any serious danger to be averted. If criminals do manage to get past the
perimeter security measures, their
window of opportunity inside the
property is minimal.”
Other effective safety measures
include motor gates with lockable
boxes to guard against tampering.
Correct installation is essential
though since there are many factors unique to you and your property to be taken into account.
“Things like electric fencing
and CCTV cameras have become
less costly over time.
“With an abundance of possible
service providers and suppliers, it
is more important than ever before
to shop around and find the best
installer for your needs,” Hattingh
Prioritising scheduled maintenance on all security measures is
beneficial for home and business
owners alike.
“These checks pre-empt any
pitfalls because discovering weak
points in your perimeter security
and having a faulty alarm system
during a break-in is not ideal.
“It is best to remain cautious,
select a reliable security provider,
and ensure your property is well-lit
at night.”

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