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Spruce your property up – but don’t over-do it

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When it comes to putting your home on the market, make it look good, but beware of over-capitalising or you might not recoup your investment, experts warn.
Q: We are emigrating in the next year and are preparing to sell our home. What should we consider doing to it to ensure we get a good offer and sale without having to do major renovations and possibly overcapitalising?
A: A little bit of sprucing up is always a good idea before a sale, but do not go overboard on repairs and renovations. If there are any material defects that could deter buyers, it’s probably worth fixing them but otherwise, it’s usually best to avoid major renovations right before a sale.
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Stick to budget-friendly updates in strategic areas like kitchens, living rooms and the master bedroom, and leave any major revamps to the new owners. If you’re not sure whether a specific fix or update is worthwhile, run it by your agent first.
First impressions count so adding kerb appeal to your property by planting flowers at your entryway, trimming and tidying your garden and making your front door bright and welcoming can deeply influence buyers. – David Jacobs, Gauteng Regional Sales Manager for the Rawson Property Group

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