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Spring into selling

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As the weather warms up, it is the right time to make sure homes are at their best to lure prospective buyers

Each year as temperatures start to rise, there is normally an uptick in the number of people looking to get into the property market, and sellers can take advantage of the season by listing their homes in the coming weeks. 

This is according to Adrian Goslett, regional director and chief executive of Re/Max of Southern Africa. He says during the warmer months, more buyers will venture out to look for their ideal homes, making it the “perfect time” for homeowners to list their properties.

“The increase in volumes of buyers and foot traffic during the warmer seasons can be used to the seller’s advantage.” 
Goslett, who is a speaker at the Independent HOME Property Summit & Expo in Durban later this month, has the following advice to help sellers remain competitive.

Appearances count
You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one. If buyers have to choose between two properties in the same area and offering similar features within the same price bracket, the only determining factors will be the look and buyer’s overall first impression of the property.
“A buyer’s first impression is created by their sensory perception of the property, which is a result of what they see, hear, smell and feel when they first enter the home.”

Get someone else’s opinion

It is difficult to have an objective view of a property when there is an emotional attachment. Call in a second opinion about what improvements might need to be done to get your home into show-day condition. 
“Seek the opinion of a trusted person who can provide an objective point of view. It is important the person is willing to provide an honest opinion, pointing out the good and bad points of the home,” says Goslett. 

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Spring cleaning means just that

After you have identified the areas that require improvement, put your head down and work, cleaning and making the necessary changes. Apart from scrubbing the home, spring cleaning also entails decluttering and getting rid of unused items.
“Pay attention to all aspects of the home, regardless of how insignificant they seem. While you may not notice minor defects in and around your home, buyers will specifically be looking for things that are wrong with it.”

Buyers want to picture themselves in the home

Buyers should feel welcome and have the space to be able to view the property at their leisure, visualising themselves living in the home.  
“One way to make buyers feel at ease is by packing away personal items and photos. Doing this will help buyers to see themselves in the house.”

Pet smells can be off-putting for prospective buyers. Picture: Supplied

Say goodbye to foul smells

Prospective buyers can be driven away by unpleasant odoursso make sure the home smells inviting. Traces of food, pets or smoking and other disagreeable odours can kill deals quickly, says Goslett.
Pet smells can be off-putting for prospective buyers.
Buyers want to be able to visualise themselves in the house so declutter as much as possible.

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