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Spring into action: Avoid allergies

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Spring has arrived, and for many that means allergy triggers.

To relieve suffering, Adrian Goslett, regional director and chief executive of Re/Max of Southern Africa, suggests you limit the amount of pollen and dustcollecting objects in your home.

Replace carpets with wooden floors or tiles, and exchange thin vertical blinds that are tricky to dust for roller blinds that are easily wiped.

He also suggests you avoid open shelving stacked with dusty knickknacks. Instead of leaving windows open for cool air, invest in an air-conditioning unit with a HEPA filter, he says.

If you can’t afford one, keep your windows closed when pollen counts are highest, usually in the early morning and late evening.

Fill your garden with low-allergy plants and plants with sticky pollen, he says. If possible, replace grass with artificial lawn. 


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