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Three simple reasons why show days make sense

Old school marketing strategies, such as show days, are still popular ways to get homes sold, says Joel Harris, a sales manager at Jawitz Properties. Although you can view a property online, there is nothing like being able to use all your senses to get the feel of it.

“We’ve noticed a significant increase in visitors to show houses, which is a positive sign for the industry.” He says three simple reasons why show days make sense for selling are:
◆It’s free: While it does take some effort on the seller’s part to get the home looking its best, it doesn’t cost.
◆Chance to shine: It’s an opportunity to let your home shine and allow someone to imagine themselves living there.
◆Detailed exploration: Buyers can get a proper look at your property, which beats looking at photos or virtual tours.
“When both sellers and agents pay the closest attention to presenting a property beautifully to the right audience, a show day can be extremely successful,” Harris says.

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