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Sense of space sells

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"Declutter your home thoroughly before putting it on show.”

Space is often buyers’ first consideration when choosing a new home, with most people looking to upsize.

So whether they are first-time buyers coming from a rented property with few cupboards, entrepreneurs looking for more home-office space, or parents looking for more bedrooms for a growing family, space is important, says Gerhard Kotzé, managing director of the RealNet estate agency group.

“However, just having a bigger home to offer isn’t enough. You will need to show how much of that space is accessible, and the key to that is to declutter your home thoroughly before putting it on show.”

This includes clearing out the garage, tidying all bedroom and kitchen cupboards so that they don’t look over-full, and removing all extraneous furniture, toys, ornaments, photos and appliances even if you have to put them in storage.

“The hiring fee for storage will be easily recouped in a good offer to purchase from a buyer impressed with how spacious your home feels and the great amount of living space and storage they will be able to enjoy,” he says.


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