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Relocating the workplace

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An expert offers advice to help ensure moving to new offices is relatively free of hassles

The importance of improving employee well-being in the workplace cannot be overstated, with employers facing increasing pressure to alleviate the stresses and issues a fast-paced workplace might create.

Cost-effective promotion of well-being can become an easy way to avoid staff dissatisfaction and health issues, says Deal Core’s Nicole Sheppard.

“The physical workspace is one we can see, touch, taste and smell. It’s the art that hangs on the walls, the office floor plan, the diverse demographics of the people we work with and any physical perks we might get. These perks may include catered meals in a beautiful canteen, an on-site gym, or a lounge area employees can use to unwind.

“Making the move to new offices will generally be a significant change, and many different aspects and features will need to be considered for any business,” says Sheppard, adding that moving to a new office can be a stressful process and a large expense for a company.

Looking for new office space can be a challenge for businesses of any size and finding the right location can easily take up considerable time and involve a fair amount of admin.

“An experienced commercial property consultancy will take the time to understand your criteria in-depth, and can narrow it down relatively quickly and present you with viable options. They will offer you free advice and guidance along with all the admin elements of the deal process,” Sheppard says.

Once the office that meets all requirements is found and in an area suitable for their business, managers and owners will need to plan their office spaces and arrange them in ways that create the correct flow and complement different corporate aspects.

“Planning carefully in advance for an office move is the only way to ensure the process is relatively seamless and stress-free. Timing is hugely important and it’s vital to ensure everyone involved is on the same page and ready to move.”

Sheppard gives the following tips to assist in office design and fitment:

Be in sync with brand identity

Gather your marketing team and start developing a design for your new office that will reflect the vision, mottos, ideas, culture and desired appearance of your company. Your marketing team will know and understand your brand better than a hired interior designer.

Design your office along with your current marketing campaign to ensure clients get the same impression walking into your office as they would when viewing your company website.

Office space and designs

To get the right flow of space you need to take into account the nature of your business. Many companies may benefit from restructuring an office layout to move away from cubicles and create a more collaborative workspace.

Take your company’s future into account when designing your layout. Keep room for additional storage that may be required, a comfortable reception for clients, a lunch area for staff. Compile a survey to understand what your staff think is the best way to lay out your new office as such information is based on practical feedback.

Using the right colour

High-saturation colours are more stimulating, while lower-saturation colours create a more soothing ambience.

Yellow encourages creativity, emotions, confidence and ego. This colour is best suited to creative industries such as a marketing company.

Blue helps to stimulate or soothe the mind, making this colour great for logical industries such as accounting.

Green offers a sense of balance and is great for finalising contracts, signing documents or in the staff lunch area.

Important systems set-up

When designing your new office there is more than just the interior design to take into consideration as you need to establish the basic day-to-day running of your company. For example, where will your printer be located? How many electrical sockets will you need throughout the office? How many phone ports and extensions? Where is the best point to install air-conditioners, or will you use a central ducted air-conditioner?

These questions are important should your office expand or if work is interrupted by a power failure you need to ensure you have a back-up plan.

Keeping your business in operation while moving

It is important to ensure your business keeps running while you set up for the new office, and for the move. Delegate a staff member to oversee the planning, design and move.

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