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Q: We want to buy a home but need advice on how to assess whether a property has issues such as water damage. Are there any telltale signs?

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A: Potential buyers should keep an eye open for any of these water damage signs to avoid expensive post-purchase repairs:

◆ Upward water seepage into walls could indicate cracked foundations or a lack of damp-proofing.

◆ Dips in paving or the driveway could indicate that the soil below the surface is being washed away by groundwater or a pipe leak.

◆ Roof leaks, especially around flashings, skylights or chimneys, and any downward water seepage into walls.

◆ Blocked or damaged gutters could result in rainwater not being properly channelled away from the roof and outer walls.

◆ Low tap water pressure, which can be a sign of water service supply deficiencies.

◆ Signs of mould.

– Berry Everitt, chief executive, Chas Everitt International property group


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