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Q: We have to downsize this year and are a bit apprehensive.

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We are worried how it will affect our kids who are aware that we have to find a smaller home due to finances. How can I make this experience positive for all of us?

A: Downscaling isn’t just about selling well and buying more affordably, it’s also about finding a home that fulfils your needs during the next chapter of your life.

Be positive and start thinking about a bright and happy future, to avoid being depressed over the financial side of downscaling. When searching for a suitable property you should make it a fun and positive experience for the entire family.

Create a property checklist together; list what you and your family will need; make a list of the must-haves, deal-breakers and non-negotiables, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, how important off-street parking is, and whether you need a garden for your pet.

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Creative and visual people could also create a mood board on which to pin their goals and the visual elements of their new home. The activities seem to be therapeutic and will help everyone connect and get excited about moving. – Craig Mott, regional sales manager for the Rawson Property Group


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