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Q: We are looking to buy our first home and are being told by so many people that we should buy in an estate.

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What are the benefits of this and are estate homes worth the higher price tags?

A: There are many benefits of estate homes. One of the major perks of estate living is that the body corporate usually handles maintenance with regards to roads, gardens and overall landscaping.

Maintenance inside your property boundaries can also be taken care of with minimal fuss. The body corporate usually has a list of preferred suppliers who not only meet the level of workmanship required but who are also able to work within the style guidelines of the estate.

Security estates are going above and beyond to ensure that they provide as many amenities as possible to residents. Estates boast everything from tennis courts to laundromats, pools and even walking trails.

All of this is maintained by the body corporate, so you never have to worry about the pool being green or the park turning into a health hazard for children.

Most security estates come standard with features such as 24-hour security, including electric fencing, cameras that provide thermal imaging at night, guarded entrance booms, as well as guards who patrol the estate.

Many, if not all, gated communities have the benefit of access control, security patrols and properly maintained walls and fences. – Mike Greeff, chief executive of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate

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