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Q: Our super luxury home will soon be listed for sale.

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How can we ensure we get a good sale in the current market?
A: Make sure that your home’s asking price is based on factual data such as the price of your renovations to date, what you bought for (and when), and what other homes are selling for in the area. Then opt for a sole mandate as nothing screams desperation quite like having several agents marketing your luxury home.
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Remember, super homes require special marketing, a unique approach and 100% buy-in from both you and your agent. Choose an agent based on their contacts and reputation in selling luxury homes, especially those being marketed at R5 million and over.
Agents marketing high-value properties often offer staging via an interior design consultant. Do your homework to find someone who can assist with this, and get tips on how to best style your home in a way that works best for both photos and viewings. Also, be sure to highlight parts of your home that make it unique such as special countertops, walk-in wardrobes, beautiful artworks and landscaped gardens.
And finally, avoid public show days. Cultivating an air of exclusivity around your property is key. – Megan Ladbrook, general manager of Frankie Bells Real Estate

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