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Q: Our home was recently valued and the price was lower than we had expected.

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 The agents say it is because we have a small kitchen. We really do not have money or time to upgrade it, so how can we still achieve the best price possible?

A: There are a variety of ways to get your quaint kitchen looking spacious and organised.

◆ If you don’t have many kitchen cupboards, display your pots and cutting boards in an eye-catching way by hanging them on the wall.
◆ Switch all your cabinets to drawers to gain maximum usability of the area. Drawers allow easy access to every item and also look chic and organised.
◆ If you have no room for a kitchen table, consider sacrificing a couple of cabinets to squeeze in a small breakfast bar.
◆ You can make a small kitchen feel airy by choosing a neutral colour scheme, such as white, beige, duck egg blue, mint green, soft yellow or light grey. The aim of neutral colours is for light to bounce around the room, making it appear more spacious.
◆ Using a combined induction/extractor hob is a great space saver in a tiny kitchen. If you do not require an extra cupboard or set of shelves, consider leaving the area above the hob empty to give the illusion of a larger kitchen. – Mike Greeff, chief executive of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate


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