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Q: My partner and I are in our 40s with children and still do not own our home.

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The home we rent has a big garden and space for our kids and pets. We have been looking to buy for a while but the type of property we can afford cannot offer us the number of bedrooms we need or the space we are used to. What do we do?

A: Keep saving or make a compromise in order to own your own home. – Roger Hoaten, Seeff Berea

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Buying or renting: Making good choices

A: Many people never own their own home and are habitual renters. They don’t have to pay rates or maintain the structure and can spend the extra on their families, so this option works well for some people. – Debbie Bennett, Prime Estates

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A: You need to compromise on your requirements, enter the property market and get out of the renting syndrome. – Keith Anderson, sales agent for Dogon Group Properties 


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