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Q: My home is on the market but I have not received any suitable offers.

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How long should I wait before I take it off the market? And if I do this, when should I relist it, and should I use the same agency or a different one?

A: The number one reason for not getting any offers or very few is that your asking price does not match the current market realities – what buyers are willing to pay for homes like yours in the same area. You should not wait too long and let your home become “shop soiled” in the eyes of potential buyers.

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Your choice is either to make a swift price adjustment or to withdraw from the market and wait for prices to increase to a level that would make your asking price more competitive. Frankly, this is unlikely to happen for the next year or two. You can relist as soon as you like. Our advice is not to change agents or agencies unless you feel you were given the wrong advice. – Berry Everitt, chief executive of Chas Everitt International



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