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Q: I am very attached to my pets and cannot imagine living without them.

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What are the chances of me finding a new development that allows pets? They provide me with much joy but I understand many developments don’t want them.

A: Pets are an important part of life and add to the security and development of people throughout their lives. Make sure you get into a pet-friendly estate, even if you do not yet have a pet. – Stephen Porteous, SDP Consulting

A: Being pet friendly is a major factor within many new developments, with developers now being far more amenable.

It has become almost a must in most estates, both traditional full title and sectional title, although some criteria need to be fulfilled. One of the big innovations we are seeing is how developers can create unique experiences within estates for children and pets, such as parks and dog sitting. – Stefan Botha, Rainmaker Marketing


A: All of our Blok developments are pet friendly; we have insisted on this since our first project. – Jacques van Embden, managing director at Blok


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