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Q: I am trying to decide between selling my home privately or via an estate agency.

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The main concern being the commission is I will need to pay for an agent to do it. What advantages will I have selling via an agent and what will the commission payment get me? Is it worth it?

A: Most agents work on a commission basis, meaning that they will receive payment for their services only if the property is sold. While this is a risk, it is also motivating and pushes them to go the extra mile to ensure that the deal is closed.

As part of the service to the seller, an agent will take out magazine and newspaper adverts; print flyers and brochures; have professional photos taken of the home and ensure that the home enjoys premium placement on property search portals.

They will also use a public relations officer to engage with targeted media, posting listings on social media and holding show days. Beyond this, an agent earns commission through the power of their networking skills and their ability to match buyers with the right homes.

Sellers pay their professional agents for their unique ability to determine and secure the full value of the home. And agents earn their commission by shielding their clients from any unnecessary drama. – Adrian Goslett, regional director and chief executive of Re/ Max of Southern Africa


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