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Q: I am planning on selling my property.

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How can I get the right valuation and, therefore, the best possible price?
A: The first step for anyone even vaguely considering selling a property should always be to get an up-to-date professional valuation. Better yet: get two or three of them, from a variety of reputable estate agencies. That way, you have solid confirmation that you’re in the right price ballpark, and can start getting to know a few agents who might be a good fit to handle your sale.

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Valuations can provide very useful insight into the skills and experience of an agent. A good valuation should include hard market data and statistics as well as more intuitive information based on an agent’s hands-on experience with buyers, sellers and the market in your area.
Price recommendations should always be supported by a comparative market analysis showing exactly how a property compares to its competition. If an agent can’t or won’t deliver this level of detail, I would be very wary of taking the professional relationship further. – David Jacobs, Gauteng Regional Sales Manager for the Rawson Property Group

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