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Q: How suitable are new, modern apartments for family living?

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We have young children and get the impression that modern developments are better suited for young professionals than children. Is this wrong?

A: Each development will likely have a certain target market in mind but they can often be redesigned to meet user needs. In our projects, we try to cater to a mix of user types. Safety and security in apartment blocks is one of the key drivers for young families, plus the proximity to many amenities for the family. – Jacques van Embden, managing director at Blok

A: You get this impression for a reason. Trust yourself. – Stephen Porteous, SDP Consulting

A: Depending on the area, we are seeing a lot of modern apartments, such as those aimed at micro-living and co-living, being far more geared to the younger market but when you look at a lot of the other sectional title developments, especially those which are within estates or precincts, they are geared towards family living. – Stefan Botha, Rainmaker Marketing


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