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Q: Do I need to do an entire home facelift in order to get my home sold?

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A: Not at all. Minor home improvements might add value to the sale but do not make or break it.

If you are going to do some, focus on the kitchen and the bathroom as these are the two most frequently used and commented-upon rooms in any house.

Here are a few tips.


  • Paint your cabinet doors or consider replacing the doors.
  • Consider re-tiling your kitchen for that fresh and uplifting look.
  • There’s just something about new doors, handles and stainless steel appliances that excites people, so making these minor, somewhat inexpensive changes can make the world of difference. 


  • A fresh coat of paint can completely transform the bathroom and does not have to cost a lot.
  • New stainless steel taps will give a classy look and feel.

– Mike Greeff, chief executive Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate


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