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Q: A few of us in our sectional title building want more green measures.

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What is the best way for us to approach this with our body corporate and what ideas can we give them?

A: Sometimes trustees or owners shy away from changes because they think it means a major upheaval and major expenditure but they get enthusiastic once they see that making their scheme more sustainable will ensure that it has better cash flow.

In existing sectional title buildings or estates, the green measures that can be introduced range from a simple switch to lower-cost LED lighting or to ecofriendly products for cleaning, all the way up to the installation of a complete photo-voltaic electricity supply system.

Other initiatives include sinking a borehole and installing rainwater storage tanks; starting a recycling scheme for the complex; and retro-fitting a fibre network to enable more residents to work from home. – Andrew Schaefer, managing director of Trafalgar


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