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Preparing for home photo shoot

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Five tips for homeowners taking pics for advertising

For homeowners taking photos of their homes for advertising on the internet, photographer Roger Metcalfe offers the following advice:

◆If you are using a cellphone, clean the lens with a soft cloth. Marks on the lens can make the difference between a muddy image and a crisp one.

◆Always allow maximum light to fill the space so open curtains and switch on lights.

◆Balance interior with brighter exterior light, as seen through windows and doorways. If you fail to do this, exterior scenes are easily lost to over-exposure, especially if you set the camera to auto.

◆Keep the camera level, which may sound obvious, but in a room with different angle walls, finding the horizontal line can be deceptive.

◆Windows naturally draw the eye to the exterior so clean window glass is imperative as windows are an inevitable extension of the lens. In addition, all mirrors must be spotless.


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