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#PlasticFreeJuly: 9 ways to ditch the plastic

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Plastic-free July is great but we should be doing it all year round if we want to make a difference

Expert: Robyn Smith, Founder and Director of

Even though plastic gets a lot of attention in July, every day and every month is, of course, worthy of being plastic-free. We don’t have much time to turn the tide on the destruction of our oceans but there is still hope.

We need to ditch single-use plastic, like water bottles, coffee cups etc, so if that is where you are then well done. We all need to start somewhere. But if you’ve got that down and are looking at how else you can decrease your plastic footprint, then the key word is #plasticswops… because each and every swop you make has the potential to save at least one sea creature’s life.

Just think about how valuable a trade that is.

This small collection is intended to inspire some ideas:

1 Buy your pantry food in bulk and store it in re-purposed containers.

2 Choose to buy #plasticfree pantry items.

3 Think plastic-free tea. I love the gorgeous Pukka herbal tea – the teabags are #plasticfree.

4 Choose #plasticfree razors, sponges and other bathroom items.

5 What about plastic-free kitchen cleaning sponges and brushes?

6 Swop your plasters for plastic-free ones such as @patchstrips.

7 The proudly South African bamboo toothbrushes from @simplybamboo_za are awesome and there is a large range of plasticfree toothpastes.

8 #Plasticfree firelighters (from IfYouCare) might not seem significant but not buying that plastic wrapping around conventional the firelighters has the potential to save a majestic turtle, fish, seal or bird’s life. Every bit counts.

9 Buy as much of your fresh produce as you can from weekly farmers’ markets or fresh-box schemes. Since #plasticfreejuly is such a good initiative, make it your mission to ask every retailer you visit this month how they are taking responsibility for the massive plastic problem we are facing.


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