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Pitch your place with photographs

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Photos make or break first impressions of your property when on the market

Great photography which accurately and favourably portrays your home, while highlighting key attributes and features, is one of the key reasons that draws buyers to view the property.

While pitching your property at the right, market-related price is critical, the images used to portray it on the internet and in advertising material are not to be underestimated.

“Given the broad use of the internet, photographs can either make or break the initial impressions of a property,” says Lindsay Beck, Pam Golding Properties area manager in Cape Town’s southern suburbs.

“While we do use drone photography for many of our large properties in areas such as Bishopscourt and Constantia, we also use professional photographers for our website, the property portals, brochures and emails, as it is important we showcase these properties to best advantage.”

For homeowners taking their own photographs, here is advice from the professionals:

Best light

If the property has a mountain view in the southern suburbs local photographer Mike Naylor says the morning is best.

If there is no mountain shot possible, it is best to photograph east-facing houses in the morning, west-facing in the afternoon and north-facing houses at midday so the sun is shining on the main façade of the house.

“Good shots to take include an interior entertainment area or indoor living space with a particularly good flow onto an exterior entertainment area, or a lovely open-plan lounge/dining room/kitchen flowing onto an outside patio with a great view.”

Important areas to photograph

Key areas which buyers want to see include entertainment and living areas, main bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, says Richard Smith, a Pam Golding Properties area manager.

“Also important to showcase is a beautiful garden set against the backdrop of a striking and welcoming façade.”

Cape Town photographer Roger Metcalfe adds: “Unfortunately, many beautiful homes are let down by below average pictures.”

Showcase a unique aspect

Homeowners should also try to look for a unique feature, an entertainment area or views onto a golf course, for example, says Des Hauser, a sales manager for Pam Golding Properties.

“Neatness and cleanliness is essential.”

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