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Keeping the guests happy

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If you have space choose a generous room for visitors and keep it clean and neutral

The Easter and mid-year holidays are just around the corner, and for many people this means visits from family and friends living elsewhere in the country or even overseas.

Children studying at universities in other provinces also tend to return to the family home for the holidays. Having a guest room to accommodate them is always a bonus, especially when it is a room that suits all their holidaying needs, says Mike Greeff, chief executive of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate.

These elements, he says, will help your guest feel comfortable:


“Face it, your guest may not be spending a lot of time in their guest room as the holiday season will be filled with exciting activities and family experiences,” he says.

However, when they do turn in for the night or choose to lie in, it is essential for the room to be spacious. Space is one of the biggest afterthoughts when it comes to selecting which room to serve as your guest room.

Greeff says homeowners tend to select a room they would least likely choose for their children or as a master bedroom and “unfortunately it shows”. “When choosing a room in your home, even in the process of renovation, be sure to choose a generous room for your guests, as this will give them a feeling of space and relaxation.”

It has its own loo

A guest in your home, no matter who they are, will always feel like a guest, Greeff says. You should therefore give them the peace of mind of having a room with its own shower and loo.

“While space may not be the biggest concern here, a private place to freshen up will tick all the boxes in making your guest’s stay even more pleasant.” 


If your property benefits from views of the mountain vista or sea, make sure your guest room benefits too.

“Nothing speaks of a more relaxing time than a retreat to your own deck for a morning or evening lookout,” Greeff says.

Go for neutrals

A guest room should be decorated in a neutral colour scheme. Greeff says guests may be tired once they arrive and would want to retreat to their room for a period to rest and refresh.

“Ensure their room is decorated and designed for the clever incorporation of pastel coloured linens for the sleeping area.” A neutral colour scheme will further elevate the feeling of space and relaxation, he says.


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