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Keep a clear head if you sell

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Have a plan of action and good advice

Deciding to sell your home is not always an easy decision and, once made, it triggers another process of important choices. This can result in an overload of information and emotions which could cloud one’s judgment, says Mike Greeff, Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate chief executive.

This is the “worst possible frame of mind to be in” when making such a major decision. “But if you are fully prepared, have a clear plan of action and a trusted agent at your side, the selling process becomes a breeze.”

The first step for sellers is making peace with the fact that you want to sell. Mentally letting go of the property is important as it allows you to see the property objectively.

“You need to start seeing the property as a house and a profitgenerating asset. You need to be prepared to do what it takes to make your property stand out and attract interest.”

Next, sellers should consider the area they want to move to as well as affordability. Your reasons for selling may also help you decide where to live and what to buy.

“If you are selling due to life stage, you may be looking at smaller, cheaper properties compared with what you have now. If you are looking to upgrade it may be worth looking at more affluent areas, where property prices will be higher, but where property size and features will be better.”

When it comes to preparing homes for viewing and possible sale, sellers need to declutter and de-personalise their properties. This will not only make their home more marketable but also help the seller mentally detach from it.

He says: “Clutter detracts from the space that the property has to offer and prevents potential buyers seeing the home’s full potential. Removing your presence lets the buyer see themselves in the space and that is a huge step in securing an offer.” Sellers also need to repair and replace what they can before the property is put on the market.

“Flaws have a cumulative effect on the psyche of a buyer and create the impression that there is a lot wrong with the property…” Greeff advises sellers to ask their agents for advice, and even sometimes some much-needed, brutal honesty.


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