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How to decide when spoilt for choice

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The choice between two properties is a “major one”.

Having a choice is a good position to be in, but when it comes to buyers having to choose between two equally wonderful properties, it can be a difficult predicament.

Unlike many other decisions, the choice between two properties is a “major one”, says Mike Greeff, chief executive of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate.

Estate agents can assist in making a choice, but if buyers find themselves still unable to decide, he advises them to consider these factors:

Price: Buyers should consider their finances and what they can afford.

“Once you assess this, are aware of what you qualify for (if you are considering a bond) and have your finances in order, you should be in a better position to know what the best decision would be.”

Conveniences: Knowing what is convenient could be the decision maker.

“Look for convenience when deciding, such as proximity to shopping malls, sports facilities and schools.”

Pros and cons: Greeff says the process of elimination is still one that works.

“List the pros and cons of each property based on what you are searching for… Naturally, if the cons outweigh the pros of the other home you are looking at, you will be one step closer to making your decision.”

Look to the future: A property might seem perfect now, but its appeal can grow dimmer as the years progress. Buyers should keep the next five to 10 years in mind when looking to purchase.

They should ask questions like:

  • Will your family be expanding?
  • Will your children have moved out of home by then?
  • Are rooms large enough for your family?
  • Is there a garden with a lawn for the children and pets to play on?

“If you’re looking to purchase a townhouse near busy roads, as opposed to a more suburban home, or have plans to expand your family, it may be worth reconsidering one of your choices based on the contributing factors,” Greeff says.


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