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Following through on home-staging advice can improve your chances of a good sale

Home staging is a vital part of the marketing process but with so much different advice on how to do it, it can be difficult for home sellers. Professional real estate agents can help with this, says Adrian Goslett, regional director and chief executive of Re/Max of Southern Africa.

“Equipped with the knowledge of previous sales within that suburb, a local real estate professional will know what features do best in that particular area and can, therefore, provide market-specific advice rather than generic advice.”

Whichever avenue you choose to work through, whether through a professional or through online tutorial videos, Goslett says there are three key considerations for ensuring your home staging efforts remain relevant in any market.

“The first is a consideration of current trends. For example, rose gold and copper are incredibly popular colour trends at the moment, so switching old taps for silver ones might not be as effective today as it was 10 years ago.”

Next, he says external factors ought to be considered when staging a property. “If you happen to be selling in winter, for example, then your home staging should look different from a seller who is marketing their home over the summer months.

“Other factors, such as load shedding or water restrictions, should factor into your list of renovations. “Adding solar-panels or outdoor water tanks could help sell your home faster under these conditions.”

Sellers should also remember that some age-old advice will remain true for any market at any point in time. “De-personalising the space, for example, is something all sellers ought to do when putting their property on the market.

“Decluttering and keeping the space as tidy, clean, and well-maintained as possible are other factors that will remain advantageous to sellers across the ages,” Goslett says.


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