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Get smarter with security measures

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'The security of your family home remains a critical concern during the buying process'

South African property buyers are placing increasing importance on home security and are willing to pay “a premium price” for properties with good security measures.

Even though the Western Cape’s residential burglary statistics decreased from 2017 to 2018, the more than 227000 cases last year is still staggering, says Mike Greeff, chief executive of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate.

“With the recent spate of crimes, including child abduction, the security of your family home remains a critical concern during the buying process. Prospective homeowners will be more cognisant of this feature during the process and are even prepared to pay a premium price for it.”

In sectional title units, strict access control and visible security patrols are an immediate deterrent to would-be burglars, while the addition of high perimeter walls and electric fencing is a further comfort to buyers. This can even be a factor that sways the buyer towards making an offer to purchase on such a property, he says.

“With the advent of new technology and the internet of things, it makes sense for smart technology to be incorporated into every aspect of our lives. This includes the latest security systems available.”

Greeff says these smart systems allow homeowners to access CCTV cameras and even unlock doors via the internet. Security cameras are a “definite winner” with buyers.

“Another aspect to consider is the resale price of your home once you are prepared to sell.

“With a secure home, you are likely to fetch an even higher resale price, as a secure home is one thing prospective buyers are willing to spend on.”

Features in secure homes include state-of-the-art alarm systems, security door systems, beams and security cameras of a high quality.

Greeff adds that, over the past decade, homes in security estates have also risen in popularity, with more and more homeowners seeking safety features.


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