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DECOR ADVICE: Refresh and reinvent

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Different personalities want different styles at home, but compromise is easier than you expect

EXPERT: Kennesha Buycks writes the blog Restoration House and recently wrote Restoration House: Creating A Home That Gives Life And Connection To All Who Enter

Q: How do we curate items when everyone in our home has different tastes? My partner prefers minimalist and mid-century modern, while I prefer cosy and colourful, and our children want unicorns and pink. How do we bring it together to feel like home for us all?

A: Marrying styles is easy today. If you are okay with not having a linear feel in your home, you can achieve this by including what each member of the family loves in every room. Decide what you love most about each of those individual styles and incorporate them into each space. If your partner wants mid-century modern furniture but you love vintage rugs, well, that’s a match made in heaven. Sit down together and talk about the non-negotiables in your spaces.

Q: Is there a rule of thumb for replacing upholstered furniture? Our couch is about 10 years old and is losing its shape in sections, but overall, it seems too good to replace. Is there a life expectancy for upholstered pieces used daily?

A: I think life expectancy depends on the quality of the piece, but a general rule of thumb is seven to 10 years. Aside from replacing the sofa altogether or having it reupholstered, you can look at replacing the cushions instead or having the upholstery dry-cleaned.

Q: How can I bring some love to a guest room that is plain? I want to show my guests they are welcome.

A: Two factors: texture and colour. Use throw blankets at the end of the bed, decorative pillows at the head, and art on the wall or tilted against the wall on bedside tables. Personal touches such as water dispensers, mints and flowers add a nice touch.

Q: How do you choose what to put on your walls?

A: I love pieces that are a bit unexpected. Because I love vintage and antique items, I enjoy collecting pieces and using them as art on my walls. Vintage shoe forms and architectural pieces are some of my favourites.

Those are good for me because they are a personal attachment to where and how I grew up and conjure up fun memories. I’d tell anyone trying to decide what to put on their walls to go with what speaks to you personally.

If you need daily reminders that you’re called to something greater, put it on the wall. If you love large-scale art pieces and your home and walls can accommodate the scale, put them on the wall. Gallery walls are a practical yet artful way to showcase personality in your space. Looking for ways to combine what you love with the people you love is always a win.

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