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DECOR ADVICE: A tub-full of bath ideas

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Style and design matters around the largest object in your bathroom

EXPERT: Uraaz Basson, regional manager, Dado Africa, Luxury Bath Designer

Q We are busy redoing our bathroom and I have been looking at different styles and colours. Please advise about the latest bath trends.

A The trend worldwide has moved to the simple elegance of freestanding baths. There is also a natural migration to ease of use with a design function that incorporates functionality and comfort.

Q My husband wants to have the bath as part of the bedroom without any partition. He says this is the new style. I am not sure this appeals to me. Any advice please?

A A bath is a beautiful design feature. The soft transition from bedroom to bathroom with no, or little, partitions is definitely a firm favourite in luxury living. 

The most important thing to remember is that the bath tub must be selected based on the space available. The ratio of bath tub versus space is vital for this look so the space is filled in a luxurious way.

Q We are not sure what bath to choose. Free-standing or corner. What is the best?

A Free-standing baths have definitely become the product of choice. The myth that it is space consuming and bulky has long since been eliminated. The neat and elegant finish versus a bath being built-in and tiled is incomparable. The evolution of design and materials means we can make a thin-rimmed bath that is not only slick, but also practical.

Q My apartment is small. Are there small baths available on the market?

A Manufacturers these days definitely have compact ranges to go with the times of micro living. We have ourselves developed and crafted a range of luxurious yet compact baths for modern compact living.

Q Is it important for my bath to match my other sanitary ware?

A Bath tubs are generally a high gloss white, but design has changed the look of the bathroom from being just a room of convenience into a designed sanctuary. We, for instance, have eight modern and refreshing colour options for the exterior of the bath, with a matching basin for every tub manufactured. 

Toilets have also now evolved and there are glazed colours as well as matte white available on the market to match your bath selection. Remember the biggest piece in your bathroom is the bath, so design around that.

Q Given the water shortages in our country, are there any water-saving devices that can be included with a bath?

A There is, unfortunately, no way of saving water. The owner needs to become more aware of how much water is necessary for what needs to be done. Ask: How much water do I require to accomplish my comfort?


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