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Buyers urged to know what they are getting into

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Property buyers need to be fully aware of the buying process – and this includes all the legal requirements. Maryna Botha, director of STBB, says most conveyancing attorneys offer valuable information sheets and booklets on the process and role players and most of this is written in understandable, plain language.

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“Purchasers should read up as much as they can and then ask questions, as much as they need to. The experience is so much better for them if they are involved and understand what is taking place.”

Donald Mokgehle, senior associate at Adams & Adams Attorneys, agrees: “We urge all potential property buyers to consult an estate agent or conveyancer prior to entering into an agreement of sale for immovable property to ensure that they are provided with the necessary guidance at the outset of the process.”

He says that purchasing a property is one of the single biggest transactions that a person can enter into and so it is important that proper research is conducted beforehand so that they end up with the best property at the best price.


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