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Zone in: Section your spaces

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Potential buyers should first check whether house divides comfortably into the following three “zones”:

Price location and security play the most important roles in any home buying decision but the type of home you want and its layout also deserve careful consideration, says Berry Everitt, chief executive of the Chas Everitt International Property Group.

To determine whether a home will be easy to live in, he says, potential buyers should first check whether the space divides comfortably into the following three “zones”:

◆A work zone, including the kitchen, laundry and home office or study, for example.

◆A social zone, including the living room; dining room; TV or braai room and patios, verandas or decks.

◆A private zone, comprising bedrooms and bathrooms. They must also ensure there is a good flow from one area of the home to another.

“Is there a separate cloakroom or family bathroom accessible to guests from the social zone? How far is the kitchen from the dining room? Can you easily get to the outdoor entertainment area from the kitchen or the living/dining area?”

Everitt says each room’s individual shape and special features also need to be considered.


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