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You can now move during Level 4

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You can now relocate in Level 4 if you signed a lease agreement before or during lockdown.

The news has been welcomed across the board as removal companies and people stuck during lockdown can finally move to their new homes between May 7 to June 7.

The National Property Practitioners Council also welcomed the recent amendment to the Level 4 regulations which extends the Personal movement clause and enables once-off relocations where leases have expired or transfers are due.

Temporarily permitting relocations is a welcome step in the right direction, however, it remains unclear how outgoing and incoming inspections are to be conducted and whether real estate practitioners will be granted permission to perform this essential function during the course of the relocations.

“Nonetheless, a welcome step in the right direction that demonstrates that government is listening and open to considering rational views and we will continue to engage with government on the matter of the full re-opening of the commercial and residential real estate sector,” says the council’s chairperson Vuyiswa Mutshekwane.

Bill Rawson, chairman of Rawson Property, says it allows people to transact and exit unaffordable accommodation especially in the rental market. 

“Many may rather purchase a new home than rent by taking advantage of the current low mortgage interest rates.  

“One may as well invest in your own apartment or home rather than pay off  someone else’s mortgage bond.  

“The same applies to commercial and retail accommodation shops and offices.  

“This movement will also increase income for the estate agent and legal service industry which is very welcome news. Even the furniture removers will start earning an income again.”

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