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Women Estate Agents: Prejudice still exists, but it is a great profession to get in to

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Two female estate agents give insights into the male-dominated property industry.

“As a female in a very male-dominated industry, I would say that the main challenge female agents face is gaining trust from clients. It immediately feels like you need to prove yourself straight away and show that this is your profession and full-time job, ” says agent Alex Bolton.

“You need to ‘disprove’ their misconception that you are doing this as a ‘hobby’. 

“That is why, as an agent, you need to be professional and give 100% of your attention from the get-go, so that male clients don’t ever second guess you as their agent. 

“As women, we do have to work that much harder to prove ourselves, and as unfortunate as it is in the 21st century, we still face many clients who, despite our very successful track record in the area, still only want to deal with a male agent. This denies us the opportunity to show them the service we can provide. Women are able to bring a very different and often, a more dynamic approach, to real estate and that is evident in the rising number of successful women brokers in the industry.”

Christine Charlton: broker and fellow Vredehoek and Oranjezicht agent for Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate.

“Pulling a transaction together is such a heart-warming experience, as it brings so much joy, knowing that we have changed two families lives for the better, simultaneously. A must-mention for 2019, was achieving a record sales price of R 10.5 million, for our client’s penthouse in Vredehoek,” says agent Christine Charlton.

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