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Willowtown offers advantages for residents and businesses

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Willowtown offers advantages for residents and businesses

Close proximity to main arterial routes 
The Willowtown industrial area lies on the northern side of the N3, the primary transport route between Durban and the country’s economic heartland in Gauteng. This places the industrial zone within easy reach of national and international markets. 

Highway advertising exposure 

A number of the businesses have frontage on to the N3 to afford priceless advertising and exposure to one of South Africa’s busiest national road infrastructures. Integration of residential and commercial The top end of Ohrtmann Road separates the commercial and industrial land from residential. This enables employees to live close to work opportunities, but their properties are close to an industrial area with associated noise and heavy traffic. 

The Meadow Feeds production facility. The company is regarded a market leader in animal feeds. Picture: Terry Haywood Photography


The numerous townships and informal settlements in and around the industrial node attest to the availability of unskilled and semi-skilled labour. Pietermaritzburg as a university town has a wide range of skilled and managerial level residents. 

More than the sum of its parts 

The dominance of blue-chip companies investing in the industrial node makes Willowtown an example of the phenomenon where the whole area is greater than the sum of its parts. Companies have the opportunity to feed off each other and that contributes to increased business opportunities, greater efficiencies and a finely-tuned sense of competition.

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