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Why show days work

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Show days are one of the longest-standing marketing tools for agents and are still the most successful, says Mike Greeff, chief executive of Greeff Christie’s International Real Estate.

Although the latest tech advances are popular, there are still those who wish to view a property in person and not from a smart device. Show days allow people to envision themselves there, and this is hugely appealing for buyers.

“Once they walk through the home, they may be able to properly envision themselves, children, pets and belongings in the home and see what it may be like living there. Once people see what their communities and settings are like, they may be closer to making a permanent decision on their place of residence.” 

While photos do make a world of difference and add to the appeal of listings online, Greeff says they do not always depict the house for what it is.

Show days also allow agents to meet prospective buyers.


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