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What estate agents say about Green Point

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What estate agents say about Green Point:

What estate agents say about Green Point:
* Craig Robinson, at Jawitz Properties Atlantic seaboard, says from the start of the millennium, property prices began to rise, and the gap widened between areas, with the Atlantic Seaboard becoming one of the most desirable, and therefore more expensive. 
“If you wanted to live on this side of the mountain, you needed to get in quickly, and people did,” he says. Sellers are now asking – and achieving – prices above R20 million in the freehold space.
* Vangelis Doucas from RE/MAX agrees that Green Point has always been a preferred investment. He says a 100m2 two-bedroom apartment, which would have sold for R200 000 in 2000, now goes for more than R3.8m. 
“Green Point still offers good value considering its proximity, lifestyle, choices and multinational feel and flair. The demand for property then was as high as today.” 
Joburg clients wanting to move to Cape Town are increasingly looking to buy in Green Point.
* Billy Rautenbach, of Seeff Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl, says development in the area has greatly contributed to the regeneration and demand for property.  “There is just so much to go around, so it is inevitable that values will grow,” he says.
She says properties sell within just 27 days on average and for about 4.6% below the asking prices with over two thirds achieving close to, or the full asking price.
“Price growth ranks among the best in the country. The full title average selling price stands at R6.3m, up by 58% (from R4m) since 2012, and the sectional title price at R4.1m, almost three times as much (167% more) as the R1.5m of five years ago,” says Rautenbach.
The Cape Quarter features boutique stores and restaurants. Picture: Supplied
Suburb greener, cleaner, more secure
It is impossible to list all the changes and improvements that have taken place over the past 16 years, however no one will deny that the Green Point of today is an entirely different place to what it was in 2001, says Marc Truss, CEO of Green Point City Improvement District.
Here are key steps he points out:
* There has been a massive improvement in terms of lighting, paving and greenery (planting trees) throughout the entire Green Point area. 
One good example is the new look and feel of St Andrew’s Square as you enter Green Point from the city centre. 
“We were responsible for this improvement and believe the lawns and trees surrounding Prestwich Memorial (the original home of Truth Coffee) has made a tremendous difference. It is a beautiful green, open space for the people of Cape Town to enjoy, and it does a great job in inviting people into our area.”
Green Point CID officers are on active duty all day in the area. Picture: Supplied
* Harbour Edge was one of the first big residential/ commercial developments in the area, and this was a catalyst for more to come, such as Soho, Metropolis, Dockside, Keyside, The Victoria Foundry, Sovereign Keys and Somerset Square.
* In terms of the Green Point City Improvement District security team on the ground, they started with four foot-patrol staff, one vehicle and a total of 10 staff. The staff complement is now over 30, with four vehicles. It has 12 officers on active duty all day and works with two law enforcement officers.
* For cleaning the area, it has used the services of Essential Cleaning, as well as Straatwerk, which provides employment for homeless people in the area.
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