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Westmead: Freeways are good for business

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Companies operating in the Westmead industrial area cite easy access as a reason for their success

Today the well-established Westmead industrial area incorporates commercial and industrial properties across five parks, namely Maxmead, Alexander Park, Surprise Farm, Monte Carlo Industrial and Mahogany Ridge.

It has evolved into a premier industrial hub in Pinetown and, after the upgrade to the Richmond Road off-ramp to the N3 national freeway, it has experienced substantial growth as trucks more easily enter and depart the area.

Originally the industrial part of Pinetown, Westmead has spread outwards to now have borders on the N3 freeway to Gauteng, the M13 to Kloof and the M19 to the South Coast.

Mahogany Ridge was developed 20 years ago after a large land tract was purchased from the Mariannhill Monastery to become the industrial park. In the earlier days the park was sometimes nicknamed “new Westmead”.

Westmead is a busy hub ideally situated next to the N3, which is the main route to the north, south and west of Durban. This affords our valued clients easy access to view our showroom in Westmead, as well as allowing swift and efficient delivery of cabins to their premises. A big plus is the numerous other manufacturers in the area, which attract clients from outlying areas. – Terri Allen of GR Cabins Picture: Terry Haywood Photography

GR Cabins owner Terri Allen says as a busy hub ideally situated next to the N3, Westmead offers clients easy access to their showroom and the company’s drivers swift and efficient delivery routes. 

“A significant plus is the numerous other manufacturers attracting clients from outlying areas to Westmead,” she says.

GR Cabins
Terri and Andrew Allen
– owners
Corner Westmead and
Circuit roads,
031 700 5102
Terri – 082 336 6405

The company has been in the area since 1989 and has found Westmead to
be a good industrial area which is also significantly close to the N3 freeway.
This allows for construction companies to have easy access to our yard for
collection as well as being en route to the upper highway areas.
– Joe de Klerk of Poles Galore
Picture: Terry Haywood Photography

Poles Galore manager Joe de Klerk says the company has been operating in the area since 1989. He also believes the closeness to the N3, as the main link between Durban and the economic hub in Gauteng, as well as the interchange to the N2 national road travelling north and south, allows construction companies easy access to their premises for collection.

The industrial zone is within convenient reach of the upper highway areas.

Poles Galore
Joe de Klerk – manager
13 Circuit Road
031 700 3652
Joe – 072 144 4934

Our customers are key and being centrally situated near a major freeway, we are able to call on them with ease. We also enjoy support from companies in surrounding areas and have thus grown our business significantly to what it is today. We are easy to find in Westmead, which is a thriving hub of companies offering a multitude of products and services. – Rajesh and Dhiren Lukhai of Maxi Awnings & Shades Picture: Terry Haywood Photography

Maxi Awnings and Shades owners Rajesh and Dhiren Lukhai say: “Our customers are key and, being centrally situated near a major freeway, we can easily call on them. We enjoy the support from companies in the surrounding areas that has enabled us to grow our business into what it is today.”

Maxi Awnings &
Shades cc
Rajesh Lukhai and
Dhiren Lukhai –
8 Clark Road
031 700 1816
Rajesh – 083 786 3874
Dhiren – 083 786 4545

In total the five industrial parks have no fewer than five entrances and the road infrastructure throughout the Westmead sections partially copes with the traffic flow. This is despite the density coming from minibus taxis, trucks of varying sizes, municipal buses and motor vehicles.

Another factor contributing towards Westmead’s success is that the industrial parks offer clients a wide variety of stock, including factories and warehouses. These range in size from 800m² to 30 000m² both for sale and for rental. Numerous multinational companies and JSE-listed entities own properties in the area, cementing its value as an investment zone.

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