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Tourism season a balancing act for owners of short-stay rentals – Editor’s letter

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Life is unpredictable at times and even more so when you throw a pandemic into the mix.

As we went into Level 3 lockdown, a few owners decided to opt-out of using their properties in the short-stay and Airbnb markets and move them to long-term rentals.

“Rather some money than none,” was the thinking. But it seems the holiday season may not be as bleak as was expected. Word on the street is that South Africans who may have ventured overseas for their holidays this December will rather choose a local holiday destination, staying within the borders in case of a second wave of the pandemic.

Some estate agents say they have started – although it’s quite late for season bookings – to fill up the short-stay lets they have on their books.

Bonny Fourie, our Property360 features editor, went to find out what the upcoming season will mean for those who own short-term rental homes.

As with many things, it seems it will be a balancing act for owners. They must decide whether to make the best of the upcoming tourist season or bite the bullet and do a long-term let. Do read her article which will give you some good insights.

And as with every holiday season, those with homes at the coast can expect house guests. It will be interesting to see how this will be handled this year. Wherever and however you choose to spend your holidays, knowing that some downtime is on the horizon is certainly something to look forward to.

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