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Tips for your housewarming party

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There is no better way to celebrate your new home than with a great housewarming party.

More often than not, especially in summer, this means a sports party, a movie night or a swim and a braai, says Berry Everitt, chief executive of the Chas Everitt International property group.

He offers the following tips for a happy house-warming event:

◆Provide safe parking. Move your own vehicles out of the way if necessary.

◆If some of your guests smoke, prepare an outside area away from others and with an ashtray or two.

◆Make sure you have plenty of water, tea, coffee and juice available, as well as alcoholic drinks.

◆If you are preparing the food, be sure to include at least one vegetarian choice in your meal.

◆Do as much as possible ahead of time so you are free to be with your guests.

◆Designate a place where people can put their coats and bags or change into swimming gear if it’s a pool party.

◆If your pets tend to get over-excited around strangers, shut them in the back yard or a spare room, at least until everyone has arrived and settled in.


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