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The feeling of owning your own piece of property is second to none – Editor’s letter

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No one tells you how incredibly nerve-racking it is to put in an offer to purchase a home – especially if you are a first-time homebuyer.

A lot of what you put in the offer is guided by what the estate agent tells you, so a feeling of complete trust has to be established between you.

Some are fortunate enough to have family or friends who have gone through the process before who can help but when you are the first generation to buy, the process can be filled with anxiety.

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You are tying yourself into something for the next two decades (normally) and scary thoughts can start looping in your head… Are you making the right decision? Will the area stay stable? Will the value appreciate? Will you live happily in this place? Will you have good neighbours?

You might even feel frozen by fear. But, speaking to people, it seems immediate buyer’s remorse is common and affects almost 70% of buyers, quickly followed by settling in and joy at the investment. Also, I am told the feeling of owning your own piece of property is second to none.

As much as you do all your homework, tick all the boxes and dot all the i’s, eventually you do have to take the plunge and put in that offer. It can be a scary experience as you ponder whether you will or will not have your offer accepted and whether or not you’ve made the right decision.

I think knowing that it’s common to have these feelings allows you to exhale as you wait for that call or email to say whether you’ve got the spot or not. And, mostly, to trust that the right place for you will be yours, no matter what.

We would love to hear about your emotional ride to buy your first property. Please do email me. Happy home buying!

Warm regards

Vivian Warby


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