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Step in transformation for auction house in Limpopo

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Aucor Limpopo is the first step in this direction.

Aucor has joined forces with the De Beers Group of Companies and local auctioneers to bring the auction industry to the community around De Beers Venetia mine with the creation of a new auction house, Aucor Limpopo.

Aucor is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Jacques van der Linde, Aucor director, said: “The opening of Aucor Limpopo is a major step towards our commitment to transformation and empowerment. We have directly involved members of the local community living around the De Beers Venetia Mine and partnered with the owners of a local auction house, Amagidi Auctions, the majority shareholders in this new venture.”

As part of Aucor’s golden anniversary celebrations, he said the company had already stated that it was investigating the possibilities of opening new branches around South Africa and making auctions accessible to the smaller provinces would be a priority.

Aucor Limpopo is the first step in this direction.

“The aim of our new Limpopo venture is to grow the skills and scope of our community partners. In turn, we will be growing the Aucor brand and teaching the locals about the intricacies of the auction industry while maintaining Aucor’s high standards and credibility.”

Aucor Limpopo held its first official auction on Thursday, May 3, at the Venetia Mine which included earthmoving and construction equipment; vehicles such as LDVs, cars, forklifts, trailers and tractors; mining equipment and spares; engineering and workshop equipment; and miscellaneous items. The successful sale and launch was attended by local government dignitaries and officials, the media and Aucor and De Beers management.

Gerrie Nortjé, Venetia Mine general manager, said afterwards: “Supplier development is a major focus for Venetia Mine as it forms part of the transformation agenda of the socio-economic landscape of our people.”

Aucor Limpopo intends to cater for local, national and international markets and to uplift the local community in the process.

De Beers Venetia Mine’s role will be mainly as enabling partner, with Aucor the mentor in the empowerment process, imparting the auction house’s stringent standards and people-orientated business ethos to the local community and venture partners, Amagidi Auctions.

From humble beginnings in 1968, Aucor has grown into one of the most successful and experienced auction houses in southern Africa. The company now has six permanent auction sites – Joburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and in Limpopo.

The company also has representation in other African territories including Namibia, Lesotho and Botswana.

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