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Staying on top in tough times

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Dormehl Pinetown has once again scooped top honours in the company’s annual awards ceremony, thanks to hard work and client loyalty

Dormehl Pinetown wishes to thank its loyal clients for their support over the past year – support which has once again helped them to glory in the group’s annual awards ceremony.

Although the traditional event in April had to be cancelled due to lockdown, the awards were still bestowed upon worthy recipients by the Dormehl Phalane Property Group directors. This year, Dormehl Pinetown, which opened its doors in March 2009, scooped the award for the Top Agent of the Year, won by Brendon Bosch.

Candidates in the running for this category are evaluated on the number of sales they have achieved, the amount of commission earned, sold mandates sold and referrals received and sold, says franchise director Kevin Delport. The franchise is no stranger to winning titles, though, and has walked away with the Residential Franchise of the Year for the past 11 years, as well as Franchise of the Year for 10 of the past 11 years.

Other annual award categories include Sole Mandates Sold and Referrals Sold. Success is not always easy to attain and if it is to be achieved it takes dedication, determination and hard work.

In the current real estate climate this is especially true. While navigating the Covid-19 market and its associated challenges, Delport advises agents to “stay focused”. The territory might be uncharted, and the future unknown, but remaining focused is key to not only surviving it, but thriving.

Brendon Bosch of Dormehl Pinetown named Top Agent of the Year 

Brendon Bosch of Dormehl Pinetown won the Top Agent Award at the group’s annual
awards. Picture: Facebook

Q: How long have you been an
estate agent and what attracted you
to this career?

A: I have been working in the
real estate industry since 2003.
My family was involved in real
estate so it was just a natural
move for me.

Q: How has the industry changed
from what it was when you started
and how it is now? And what has
been the biggest lesson you have

A: The biggest change has been
the way in which we advertise
our properties. Online and social
media is used more frequently
by clients looking for properties
and so we, as agents, have had
to learn to incorporate these
technologies in our everyday
The biggest lesson, for me,
has been how to look after my
clients in a way that delivers both
high levels of service
and garners trust, as well as
remaining humble.

Q: How tough has it been to work
during the lockdown and even under
the current level 3 conditions?

A: It has been very difficult
working online, and relying solely
on computers since the lockdown,
but buyers are being attracted by
the lowered interest rates. Selling
property, though, has also been
difficult as sellers do not want
clients walking through their
homes due to the threat of

Q: What does it take to be a
successful/top agent in the current
economic climate?

A: Without a doubt you have
to be a go-getter and you have
to be willing to make changes.
You cannot sit back and wait for
things to fall into place – you
need to make things work. Your
heart has to be in your work and
you have to stay focused. Support
from your colleagues is also very

Q: What advice do you have for
other agents during this difficult
time as well as over the next few

A: The only advice I can offer at
this stage is to just stay focused
and continue doing the best you
can for your clients. There will
be cases where sales fall through
but you must not let that get you
down. Don’t chase the money,
rather look for the opportunities.
Even if you find only one
opportunity every day that is a
100% increase on what you had
at the start of the day.
Focusing on the positives and
not all the negativity that is going
on around you is what will not
only keep you going but build
you up.

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