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Sellers can cash in on the cold

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Creating a warm, well-lit cosy atmosphere can do wonders for a show house in winter

Winter may not be the most intuitive time to sell a home, but there are some surprising benefits to staging a winter show house.

David Jacobs, regional manager for the Rawson Property Group, has some tips for creating that enchanting and irresistible show house atmosphere when it’s chilly and even wet outside:

Let there be light

Winter afternoons and evenings can get dark pretty early, which means potential buyers often arrive at a show house when it’s a bit gloomy outdoors.

“Walking out of a gloomy day into a warmly lit home instantly creates a feeling of happiness, comfort and safety.”

He recommends leaving curtains and blinds open to allow indoor lights to become inviting beacons to buyers.

Warm it up a notch

Jacobs recommends lighting a fire or putting a discreet heater on in your show house to take the edge of the winter chill.

The good news for winter sellers is that you don’t actually need to heat a home all that much for it feel toasty to a visitor stepping in from the cold.

“It can be tempting to close all your windows and doors and pump the heater or build a roaring fire, but that’s more likely to create a stuffy and stifling atmosphere than the cosy comfort you should be aiming for.”

Do a sniff test

Ventilation is helpful for more than just temperature control – Jacobs says it’s also vital to clear out any unwanted scents that might linger in a winter home.

He recommends that sellers ask a trusted friend, or estate agent, to do an unbiased sniff test before they show their home.

Add a subtle fragrance

While winter may seem like the ideal time to fill your home with scents of baking bread or cinnamon cookies, Jacobs says less is definitely more in this regard.

“Natural scents are much better than food-related aromas in winter

“Fragrances like cedar, citrus or vanilla create a warm yet fresh atmosphere, but they need to be subtle to be effective.”

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