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Salt River Market project a stepping-stone to greater things – Communicare

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"The opportunities we create through this development will benefit the people of Cape Town."

“I am absolutely delighted that the City of Cape Town has approved this visionary project. We can now start thinking differently about housing families from different social and economic backgrounds together in our City, ” said CEO of Communicare  Anthea Houston in a statement. 

This comes after the announcement that the Salt River Market site would be a mixed-use development that could deliver more than 820 affordable housing units to lower-income families.

She added that the project would integrate communities and give people a stepping-stone to greater things.

“The project sets a precedent on mixed-use developments that integrates marginal communities into the mainstream of our society. It is the first of its kind in the country. The model, and what we learn from it, not only benefits Cape Town, but all of South Africa.

“It’s been a long 4 years in the making to get here. I’m relieved that we have crossed the first hurdle but now the real work begins. We have presented the project to various committees and addressed all the City’s concerns and met all their requirements.”.

Houston said that there were many detractors and sceptics who resisted this development but she trusts that everyone can move forward together to create something quite special for Cape Town, she added

“Ultimately, the opportunities we create through this development will benefit the people of Cape Town. That’s what I care about.” 

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