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Rugby World Cup win to restore confidence in local housing market

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The Bokke brought home a much-needed victory for South Africa at the Rugby World Cup, defeating England by 32:12.

When later congratulating the team on their win, Prince Harry aptly summarised what this victory would mean for the country in the following words: “I genuinely think that rugby has the ability to unite everyone around the world and I could not think of a nation that needs it more than you guys right now, so on that, well done.”

This coming just after international credit rating agency Moody announced its decision on Friday evening to downgrade the outlook for the South African credit rating from “stable” to “negative” – just one step away from “junk” status.

According to Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett, the Rugby World Cup victory therefore could not have come at a better time for our nation.

“Sport has the power to restore passion for one’s nation and invoke a sense of pride that can affect positive change within the country. A victory such as this can therefore work towards restoring confidence in the local market and attract the attention of foreign investors. I am hopeful to see what this win will do for the local market going forward,” Goslett explains.

He goes on to congratulate the national Springbok rugby team for their heroic efforts in returning the Rugby World Cup to its rightful home.

“I am very proud of our national team and remain hopeful that this win will have a knock-on effect of convincing more South Africans to invest in the local market rather than to emigrate. Well done to our rugby boys for giving our nation a reason to be proud again,” Goslett concludes.

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