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Retire in the right place

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For many people, the decisions regarding where to live in retirement begin way before the golden years.

Evergreen Lifestyle Villages managing director Garry Reed says this begs the question: “Should I stay at home or move?”

“It’s about far more than just a roof over your head. The best decision will be made when you weigh up all the factors that enable you to have a comfortable and enjoyable retirement.”

Those who live in a large house should consider if they will be able to afford the upkeep once they are no longer working, or if they want to continue living in a large home once their children have left. They could sell up, scale down, and put their money to better use for themselves, Reed says.

He advises those considering their options to think about the hobbies they want to pursue in retirement and if these can be done in their current homes.

“Do you imagine being in a place where you may be able to offer your skills on a part-time or volunteer basis to a community? Perhaps you see yourself within walking distance of coffee shops, bookstores or libraries. Are you able to do this from where you currently live?”

Many retirees stay where they are if they’re close to their families, especially grandchildren, or if not, pack up to move closer. Retirees who decide to move elsewhere should ensure their new location is what they expect it to be.

Many retirees invest in what they believe will be their dream destination, only to find it doesn’t suit their lifestyle.  “For example, if you’re thinking of retiring on a golf estate, first try your hand at golf before you relocate.” Those dreaming of a place along the coast should find out how hot the summers are and what humidity levels may be like.

Reed says: “Heading for a country estate far from bright city lights, somewhere in a small town? How far is it from amenities, particularly as you get older?”

It is a good idea to take an extended holiday in the area before committing yourself.


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