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4 reasons to buy property now

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This year offers the perfect opportunity to invest in property, thanks to rock-bottom interest rates, subdued property prices, and plenty of stock available.
Craig Mott, Cape Town regional sales manager for the Rawson Property Group, says 2021 is the “perfect year to make your property dreams a reality”. This is why:
Easy leverage: No other investment class allows you to easily leverage other people’s money to buy an asset, and still reap the full rewards of appreciation on its total value. “Lenders are definitely more motivated than they’ve been in a long time, to the point that they’re offering up to 104% loans, in certain cases.”
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Great interest rates: The combination of the recently slashed repo rate and lenders’ eagerness to sign up new bondholders means many applicants will get below-prime interest rates on their bonds. However, to coax the very best offers out of lenders, Mott says buyers should still plan for a deposit, even if they qualify for a full-coverage bond.
Low risk: With a consistent growth record over the past 50 years, Mott says property is one of the most secure and stable investments available in today’s economic climate. “Property tends to retain its value very well, even when other investment types are crashing.”
Excellent growth prospects: Taken over the long term – 10 or 20 years, for example – returns on property investments can be exponential. Since the property market is currently at the bottom of a long, downward cycle, making a purchase in 2021 almost guarantees buyers the excellent growth that comes with the next upswing.

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