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The natural world mitigates stress

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The benefits of the natural world have been acknowledged by property owners, with a recent spike in those seeking properties in coastal and forest estates, says Phil Barker of Renishaw Property Developments.

A research paper titled “Healthy nature healthy people: ‘contact with nature’ as an upstream health promotion intervention for populations”, states that there are five key health benefits associated with being immersed in a natural environment:

◆ Nature decreases stress as viewing natural scenes after being exposed to a stressful situation can help lower the physiological effects of the strain on the human body.

◆ Nature enhances energy levels as humans have positive psychological responses to the natural world.

◆ Nature clears the mind as when in a natural environment, the brain relieves itself of excess activity.

◆ Nature helps people recover from mental fatigue.

◆ Views of nature reduce the physiological effects of stress and increase recovery rates. “This period has shown people just how important the natural environment is, to both our mental and physical well-being, and they are seeking a home life that offers this relief,” says Barker.


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